The purpose of the Council is to assist the Pastor in fulfilling the mission of the Church through the education program of the school.  The council is constituted as a consultative body, which, in fulfilling this mission, is guided by any legal or diocesan directives, or policies that regulate the conduct of Catholic education at the elementary level. The School Council assists the pastor in developing and recommending appropriate policies by which the school's program is designed, implemented and evaluated.  Although the council is not responsible for program implementation, it works closely with the pastor and the principal in the planning and evaluation of the education program for the school.  The council collaborates with all parishes sending children to the school, as well as with other councils and committees within the parish or school.


1995 – Mary Kathryn Zong Badger
1996 – Patricia J. Kersavage Mauk
1997 – Patricia A. Kohlbecker Mulfinger
1998 – Rose M. Quaranta Miles
1999 – Helen M. Brosky Jabco
2000 – Richard A. Fornicola
2001 – Tanya N. Lidgett Packer
2002 – Joseph Hartle, Jr.
2003 – Francis J. Bonfatto
2004 – Carol M. Luckovich Fisher
2005 – Regina E. Hartle Zellers
2006 – John H. McCulley
2007 – Thomas E. Boldin
2008 – Sr. Lila M. Sciabica
2009 – Francis G. Plozner
2010 – Marian E. Rider Wayne
2012 – Helene A. Allen Sheckler
2013 – Barbara Carver
2014 – Edward A. Mulfinger
2015 – Capt. Granger K. Benson, USMC
2016 – Carl R. Capparelle
2017 – Patti Coder Hillard
2018 - Anthony C. Roland