A Catholic education provides children with academic excellence enhanced with traditional Christian values. Catholic school teachers have the unique opportunity to mold every aspect of a child's growth and development. Foremost in this development is the spiritual - educators teach the message of Jesus. Through prayer, religious instruction, liturgies, and daily interaction, students become rooted in faith.

Catholic schools are traditionally known for high academic standards, self discipline, safety, and a sense of community and belonging; St. John School is no different. Teachers and staff model respect for all and an acceptance of each child's talents, abilities and personal challenges. Educators create a safe, loving environment that encourages students to believe in their capabilities and to work toward their potential.  A variety of learning strategies are used to connect with the child's framework of understanding.   A strong core curriculum is complemented with both enrichment programs and, if needed, remedial math and reading programs.  St. John School is Middle States accredited. Through this accreditation, we are recognized for our ongoing commitment to constantly seek new ways to better serve our students.  

We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children and encourage them to collaborate with teachers and administrators as partners in education. We are sensitive to the needs of working families and provide after school care, full-day kindergarten, and Pre-Kindergarten (4 year-old) and Pre-School (3 year-old).

Life is full of important choices and uncertainty.  Enrolling your child in St. John School will provide you peace of mind in knowing that your child is educated in a loving environment that exceeds their academic, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Consider a Catholic education as a viable option to invest in your child's future.

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